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Katerina Stathi

Historian, Laskaridis Foundation; Research Team Assistant, Université Paris-Est Marné-la-Vallée

Among her publications:

  • “Athens in the Ottoman map of 1827”, in Maloutas T., Spyrellis S. (eds), Athens Social Atlas. Digital compendium of texts and visual material, Athens 2015
  • “The Carta Incognita of Ottoman Athens”, Marios Hadjianastasis (ed.), Frontiers of the Ottoman Imagination. Studies in Honour of Rhoads Murphey, Brill, 2014, 169-184
  • “Greek notes on Labraunda and Milas”, LABRYS. Studies presented to Pontus Hellström, edited by Lars Karlsson, Susanne Carlsson and Jesper Blid Kullberg, 101-106, Uppsala Universitet, Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis. Boreas. Uppsala Studies in Ancient Mediterranean and Near Eastern Civilizations 35, Uppsala 2014

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