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Opening “Open Jerusalem”. Notes from OJ team workshop


Open Jerusalem core team workshop just concluded few days ago. It was the first opportunity for the whole team to meet up, and therefore it represented an extremely important moment of exchange.

We shared our academic, work and personal experiences. We also formulated questions, methodologies and expectations concerning the study of Jerusalem citadinité we aim to deepen during the next 5 years in the frame of the ERC project.

We organized some internal and external channels of study and communication (i.e. chronologies, biographies, dictionaries, translations, spatial and archival maps, website, social networks).

worshopWe clearly formulated the elements of strenghts and weakness of our project and team.

We scheduled future meetings, particularly:

– November seminar in Amman (program coming soon here)

– December training session at the French National Archives

– January trip to Istanbul in order to work in the Imperial Ottoman Archives

This three-day workshop was full of meetings, thoughts, questions, emotions, and dreams. We hope to constantly improve in this collaborative way of working.

Seminar Announcement, 27-29 September 2014


The core team of Open Jerusalem is going to meet up altogether for the very first time! We are really excited to start a new phase of our project.

Here you can find our strictly scheduled seminar program:

Sat 27, 1st day: team building

Sun 28, 2nd day: scientific framework

Mon 29, 3rd day: timetable of future development

We will report day by day some results of every session. So please follow us here on our new blog.

It’s time to launch our new social network channels: facebook page and twitter account. You are more than welcome in visiting us in our virtual space. Feel free to give back to us your comments and feedbacks by email.