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Roberto Mazza

Historian, Research Associate at the University of Limerick

Among his publications:

  • Jerusalem in World War One: the Palestine Diary of a European Diplomat, I.B.Tauris: London, 2011
  • Jerusalem: from the Ottomans to the British, I.B.Tauris: London, 2009
  • “Missing Voices in Late Ottoman and Early British Jerusalem” Jerusalem Quarterly 53, (Spring 2013), 61-71
  • “For God and La Patrie: Antonin Jaussen Dominican and French Agent in the Middle East 1914-1920”, First World War Studies 3, No. 2 (October 2012), p. 145-164
  • “Dining Out in Times of War: Jerusalem 1914-1918”, The Jerusalem Quarterly 41 (Spring 2010), 52-58
  • “Antonio de la Cierva y Lewita: the Spanish Consul in Jerusalem 1914-1919”, The Jerusalem Quarterly 40, (Winter 2010), 36-44
  • “Churches at War: The Impact of the First World War on the Christian Institutions of Jerusalem 1914-20”, Middle Eastern Studies 45, No. 2 (March 2009), 207-227

Academic webpage

Costanza Lisi


Among her publications:

  • Bettini Prosperi – C. Lisi, L’Archivio di Cesare Merzagora, Roma, Segretariato generale della Presidenza della Repubblica – Archivio storico, 2013
  • Materiali per la storia della diplomazia, a cura di Vincenzo Pellegrini, ricerche a cura di Costanza Lisi e Patrizia Mengarelli, Roma, Ministero degli Affari Esteri, 1999


Stéphane Ancel


Post-Doctoral Fellow, Ecole des hautes études en sciences sociales, Centre d’études en sciences sociales du religieux (CéSoR), Paris

Among his publications:

  • Looking for the Daily Life of Orthodox Ethiopians in Jerusalem (1840-1940): Breaking Down Barriers Between Archives for Revealing Ethiopian Social Networks in Jerusalem”, Proceedings of Open Jerusalem International Symposium “Revealing Ordinary Jerusalem (1840-1940), New Archives and Perspectives on Urban Citizenship and Global Entanglements” (ERC, Forth), Institute for Mediterranean Studies, Rethymno, Greece, May 2016, forthcoming
  • Across the Archives: New Sources about the Ethiopian Christian Community in Jerusalem (1840-1940)”, (with Vincent Lemire), Jerusalem Quarterly, forthcoming
  • Travelling Books: Changes of Ownership and Location in Ethiopian Manuscript Culture”, in Giovanni Ciotti and Hang Lin (eds.), Tracing Manuscript in Time and Space through Paratexts, Studies in Manuscript Cultures, De Gruyter, Berlin-München-Boston: 269-299, 2016 URL
  • «L´Église orthodoxe d´Éthiopie et la révolution: assurer sa survie par la réforme (1974-1991)», in Cahiers d´Études Africaines, vol. 220, Paris, 2015, 687-710

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