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Agamemnon Tselikas

Director of the Center for History and Palaeography (National Bank of Greece Cultural Foundation), Athens

Among his publications:

  • Καταγραφή του Αρχείου του Πατριαρχείου Ιεροσολύμων, Δελτίο του Ιστορικού και Παλαιογραφικού Αρχείου, Έκδοση Μορφωτικού Ιδρύματος Εθνικής Τραπέζης, Αθήνα 1992

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Seminar Announcement, 29 November 2013

 Ouvrir les archives de Jérusalem:

pour une histoire connectée de la citadinité dans la ville sainte (1840/1940)



  • 9:00: welcome
  • 9:30: Vincent Lemire (Université Paris Est Marne la Vallée): introduction: “Où sont les archives citadines de Jérusalem? Premiers jalons d’une recherche en cours”
  • 10:00: Merav Mack (CRFJ): “The Jerusalems Archives and Libraries Survey (2007) and the Open-Jerusalem Project (2014-2019): similarities and differences”
  • 10:30: Roberto Mazza (Western Illinois University): “To Unlock the Holy City: Questions, Themes and Sources to Rediscover the Late Ottoman and Early British Jerusalem”
  • 11:00: Maria Chiara Rioli (Ecole normale supérieure de Pise): “Les archives de l’Eglise latine de Jérusalem sont-elles des archives citadines ?”
  • 11:30: discussion


Photo: Nebi Musa festival outside of the Damascus Gate (between 1898 and 1917), Jerusalem,  American Colony (Jerusalem). Photo Dept.

Abla Muhtadi

Independent Historian

Among her publications:

  • Defter Surra Osmanli: No. 1213, dating 1002 A.H /1594 A.D: A Critical and Annotative Study (forthcoming) (in Arabic)
  • Haj Amin al-Husseini and National Challenges in Palestine (1917-1937), Al –Maya publishing House, Amman- Jordan, 2012 (in Arabic)
  • Endowments of Jerusalem at the time of the British Mandate,
    Majdalawi’s house for Publication and Distribution, Amman- Jordan, 2005 (in Arabic)