Seminar Announcement, 20 March 2014



  • 15:00:  welcome
  • 15:30:  Vincent  Lemire:  «Under the Canopy: How to move in a documentary archipelago?»
  • 16:00:  Michelle  Campos  (ZMO  ‐  Zentrum  Moderner  Orient,  Berlin):  «‘Unmixing’  the  Holy City:  Civic  Disintegration  and  Urban  Segregation  in  Mandatory  Jerusalem»
  • 16:45:  Angelos  Dalachanis  (IREMAM,  Aix‐en-­Provence):  «From Suez  to  Jérusalem: studying  urban  and  social  history  through  the  Greek  archives»

–> Please click here to read his text

  • 17:30:  Merav  Mack (CRFJ):  works  in  progress  (last visits,  Christ  Church  Archives,  Sephardi  Community  Archives,  Questionnaire…)
  • 18:00:  Falestin  Naïli  (IFPO,  member  of  Open-­Jerusalem  Team):  works  in  progress  (Minutes  of Ottoman  municipality  1892‐1915,  Jerusalem  Archives  in  Amman…)
  • 18:30:  Discussion   (Discussant:  Roberto  Mazza,  Western  Illinois  University)

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