Opening Open Jerusalem: OJ International Workshop

The project’s international workshop, entitled “Opening Open Jerusalem: Tracing Historical Paths through the Jerusalem Archives Digital Platform,” takes place at the Ca’ Foscari University of Venice on 8–9 October 2018.

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It aims to serve as a forum for presenting the new Open Jerusalem web platform (, deepening discussions and initiating scientific debates, with contributions from members of the Open Jerusalem team, scholars specializing in related topics, urban historians and specialists of the region.

The online catalogue of the Open Jerusalem project is for researchers, students, professionals and members of the public interested in late modern history of Jerusalem. The catalogue contains summary descriptions, transcripts or digitised documents of thousand of records from numerous archives related to the history of late Ottoman and Mandate Jerusalem.

Despite the results already achieved, other archives remain to be identified. Open Jerusalem’s work goes on, ready to discover new traces of Jerusalem’s past, present and future.

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