Seminar Announcement, 18 June 2014



  • 9:00:  welcome
  • 9:15:  Vincent  Lemire  (Université Paris-Est): « Open Jerusalem Project : a first assessment after 5 months »
  • 9:30:  Falestin  Naïli  (IFPO  Amman):  «The  Ottoman  municipality  of  Jerusalem:  how  to reconstruct  the  history  of  a  forgotten  urban  institution».

–> Please click here to read her text

  • 10:00:  Merav  Mack (CRFJ)  «The  Survey  of  Archives  in  Jerusalem:  toward  a  completion».

–> Please click here to read her presentation

  • 10:30:  Pierre-­Yves  Saunier  (Université  de  Laval  -­  Québec):  «Jusqu’où  ouvrir  Jérusalem? Curiosités,  questions  et  apostilles   sur  le  projet  Open  Jerusalem»

–> Please click here to read his text

  • 11:30:  discussion


Photo: An Ottoman map of the Mutasarrifate of Jerusalem, from 1882-83 (1300 AH), from the Sâlnâme-yi vilâyet-i Sûriye 1300 AH. From the Hathi Trust



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