Seminar Announcement, 8 April 2014



  • 14:00: Vincent  Lemire: «Jerusalem is not (only) in Jerusalem : a transnational project between local and global»
  • 14:30:  Prof.  Yaron  Ben‐Naeh (Professor, HUJI): «Where  did  the  Sephardim  Disappear?»
  • 15:00:  Stéphane  Ancel  (Hiob  Ludolf  Centre  for  Ethiopian  Studies,  Hambourg): «The  Ethiopian  Orthodox  Church  in  Jerusalem  and  its  Archives»

–> Please click here to read his text

  • 15:30:  coffee  break
  • 16:00:  Leyla  Dakhli  (CR-CNRS,  IREMAM):  «Imperial  multilingualism  and  national  translations?  Understanding  the  Ottoman  linguistic  practices»
  • 16:30:  Flavia  Ruani  (EPHE): «The  Syriac  Orthodox  Community  in  Jerusalem  and  its archives»

–> Please click here to read her text

  • 17:00:  Merav  Mack (CRFJ): works  in  progress  (last  visits, contacts,  finalization  of  the  questionnaire…)
  • 17:30:  Discussion


Photo: General view, Jerusalem between ca. 1890 and ca. 1900, Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division Washington

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